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Of course, a game needs good mechanics to be fun to play. But having a gigantic fire spewing dragon in the middle of the table just adds that little special something to any game. Even Monopoly. 

If you want to add that little something to YOUR gaming table, we are here to help. We offer a wide variety of quality options to satisfy your personal miniature needs .. no matter how "custom" your project might be. Choose one of the options below or contact us to tailor your project to your needs.

Because life is more fun with fancy minis!

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Laten schilderen
Dwarf Druid.png
Dwarf Fighter.png

Commission painting

There are many different ways to paint miniatures. We could start naming a plethora of different techniques to achieve certain results (and don't get us wrong, we love talking about them), but to keep it a bit simpler, we came up with four different qualities for you as an orientation.

Just send us the info about what you want painted and you'll get a quote.

€ 9.-

Tabletop ready

Stunning looks, but nothing fancy! All your mini needs to show up to the party without feeling naked.

Basic color layers

Basic shading, wash

Simple highlights

Basic quality control

€ 19.50

Tabletop ready PLUS

The true "Best value" paintjob. Our science department came up with the optimal formula for what a mini needs to look great without going overboard.

Multiple color layers

Specific shading

Multiple highlights

Advanced quality control

€ 35, -


You want a bit more than just "Standard"? Pick "Extensive" to get a good mix of high quality techniques to get the maximum out of your mini. 

Multiple color layers


Specific shading

Edge highlighting


Advanced quality control

Price on request

Display quality

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fanciest mini of them all?!? Anything goes, we figure out together what satisfies your needs!

Maximum color layers


Specific shading, fading

Edge highlighting

Free-hand details

Extensive basing details

Non-metallic metal (if needed)

Maximum quality control

Custom projects

Nothing is too crazy. If you need magnetizations, displays, special bases, kit-bashing, dioramas or comparable craziness, shoot us a text and we will figure something out.

Pink orcs. Schilder opdracht om deze miniaturen te laten schilderen.
Dungeons and dreagons miniature. Deze miniature is laten schilderen door Pink Orc Studios

Full Service - Print and Paint

In collaboration with, we offer the full service of custom printing and painting your minis. Send us your own file (e.g. from or choose from the wide range offered at 

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Custom miniaturen
Request commission

Request commission

Thanks for submitting!

Print and Paint
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