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Commission Painting

Want your miniature(s) professionally painted? Our dedicated painters will help you make your ideas come true. 

Choose from different quality options and make the paintjob fit your budget.

We also 3D print, magnetize and do customizations!


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Learn how to paint miniatures

Start with the basics and/or dive deeper into more advanced painting techniques.

Monthly beginner workshops, group sessions, one-on-one coachings and more.

Meet us and our workshops at events like Spellenspektakel, Abunai or Castlefest.

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Special Events

School workshops, painting classes.

Team building events, company occasions.

DnD workshops, DM classes or Paint and Play events. Bachelor(ette) parties.

Tailor-made workshops and events for people with special needs (e.g. Autism, ADHD or physical challenges).

An Impression

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